Penhellis is a care home which provides general nursing care for up to 26 adults, male and female of varying ages. Accommodation provides adequate space for a wheelchair user and incorporates a seating area in each room. There are communal spaces and bathroom facilities which are accessible for all service users.

To meet the needs of a varied client group we are able to provide several communal areas to enable our service users to feel comfortable and at ease within the accommodation. We recognise that service users of different ages will have different interests and so the home is able to provide and support a variety of leisure interests such as gardening, crafts, workshop and social groups; some are on the premises whilst others involve going out into the local community.

The nursing home prides itself on its ability to provide specialist care for conditions such as Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease and palliative care. Staff receive regular training both in house and externally to ensure the standards of care we deliver remain high. The nursing home expects to provide further training where necessary to enable us to deliver appropriate and holistic care to all service users. We only admit service users once we have carried out the necessary assessments to enable all needs to be met. The home will decline to admit a service user if we are unable to meet needs. It is the homes practice to involve outside agencies and with the involvement and support of the multi disciplinary team.

Our staff have significant experience delivering care for service users with a broad age range as well as those with physical disabilities and degenerative disease. All care needs will be discussed on an individual basis prior to admission.

Our Statement of Purpose gives information to prospective service users on how we run the home and what they can expect from us at Penhellis.