Choice of home


To only admit service users that we are sure we can provide a high standard of appropriate care and fully meet their needs.



All service users and/or their representatives are invited to view the nursing home and discuss with the manager and/or staff the type of care required.

The manager will have an open approach and encourage staff, service users and their representatives to have an input in the home. The manager will also carry out regular surveys and questionnaires of the people who have an input in the home to ensure high standards are maintained. Regular audits will also be performed in the nursing home to ensure all equipment and services are adequate and meet the needs of the service users.

The manager of the home will ensure that all policies and procedures are maintained and updated when required.

The manager will ensure that the Statement of Purpose is upheld at all times.

Before a service user can be admitted to the home a full assessment needs to be completed by the registered manager or representative to make sure the home is able to fully meet the needs of the prospective service user. This will cover all activities of daily living such as diet, speech & communication, mobility, behaviour, sleep, recreation and a medical history.

All service users and/or representatives read and agree with the homes Terms and Conditions prior to moving in.

Prospective service users are invited to move into the home on a trial basis of up to 4 weeks. During this time either party has the right to terminate the service users stay with no notice required.

Where possible all emergency admissions are avoided. However if it is necessary to admit a service user before all required assessments can be completed the nursing home will ensure all necessary information is gained and given out within 48 hours. All other admission criteria will be met within 5 days.